About Thailand

Language & Culture (1 week-optional):

Global Crossroad is always mindful of providing comfortable and enjoyable life to volunteers especially when they are far from their family and friends. In order to make this happen, Global Crossroad has designed language and cultural program for the volunteers prior to the start of their volunteer project. This program provides an opportunity to the volunteers to live with the Thai host families and enjoy a family like atmosphere away from home and learn more about Thailand and the diverse veracity.

One week of language course includes cultural orientation, Thai language and instruction, introduction to Thai customs, village stay, and sightseeing of the most spectacular places of Bangkok .

The first 3 days of the language class focuses on learning basic Thai language, including Thai language instruction (mostly theoretical), and the second phase will provides the opportunity to practice Thai language living with a host family. The second part of the program also includes orientation on Thai culture and tradition with sightseeing of the nearby areas. A sample of the language and culture program is as follows:

Language and Culture Program In Thailand
  • Program: Language and Culture Program
  • Start dates: 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month
  • Arrival and Departure Point: Suvarnabhumi International in Bangkok
  • Language Requirement: None
  • Accommodation and meals: Hostel, Host family and Thai foods three times a day by host family
  • Working hours: None

* Language and culture program is only available for a long term volunteers.

Skills/Qualification Needed

No specific qualifications are required to volunteer in the Community Development Program in Thailand, but your understanding of Thai culture and language can help improve the experience for both you and your students.

Proposed Schedule:

Day 0: Arrival in Bangkok , receiving at the airport, and transfer to Global Crossroad center/host family/hostel or apartment.

Day 1:

Orientation: First you will register, copy passport, call home, exchange money etc. Orientation includes the introduction of religion, culture, history, custom; geography; necessary health precautions, and various other topics such as diversity of Thai life and other topics can also be incorporated based on the interest of the participants, if asked beforehand. The first few Thai words and customs (e.g. greetings) will be also taught in a playful manner.

Day 2:

Thai language and culture class (9-11 am) then trip to Ayuthaya, the old capital of Thailand and visit Wat Phra Ram, Wat Phanong Choeng and several old and ruined palaces. Lunch at " Boat Restaurant ". Back to the host family/apartment/hostel in the evening.

Day 3:

Thai language & culture class (9-11 am) then trip to Bangkok . Evening back to the host family/apartment/hostel.

Days 4-6:

Departure to Nakhon Nayok, Samut Songkhram or another same type of village for home-stay and cultural immersion. We arrange home stay in small local communities or towns within 1-2 hours drive. Nakhon Nayok, one of the popular home-stay villages, is very close to a national park which is well-known for its beautiful landscape, tranquil forests and awesome waterfalls. All the home stay villages are famous for fruit orchards, rice paddies, fish farms and chicken farms.

Where are the volunteers expected to land?

Please book your tickets for Cristobal Airport


During village stay, there will be plenty of opportunities for hiking, biking, and experience Thai village life. Volunteers can visit local villages, and explore local lifestyles, including practicing language with local people. Volunteers can go to a local food market and buy goods (asking the price using the Thai language they have learned). There will be other chances to explore the villages, green forests, magnificent landscapes, and different aspects of rural life in Thailand .

Day 7:

Return to Global Crossroad center and transfer to the placement or host family/apartment/hostel to start their volunteer project.

This proposed program is subject to change depending upon the changes in local conditions