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Are you a teacher or team leader searching for an affordable alternative spring break volunteering overseas opportunity for yours students? Global Crossroad has a wide variety of alternative spring break volunteering abroad opportunities. Global Crossroad has been successfully working with groups since 2003!

  • Affordable options for an alternative spring break volunteering overseas opportunity
  • Safe and exciting way to spend your week off from school
  • A unique chance to travel to a new part of the world and have a meaningful and impactful volunteering experience
  • Looks great on a college or job resume!

Do your students want to dedicate their week off from school for spring break to something incredibly meaningful and impactful? Do your students want to make a difference in the world? Global Crossroad has a great assortment of alternative spring break volunteer trips waiting to be explored by your students! Your students can travel throughout Latin America, Asia, and Africa, and work with orphans, education, nature conservation, or building projects.

This one-week of your students’ lives could change someone who is less fortunate that your students entire life. Alternative spring break volunteering abroad opportunities are a special way to give back to our world community. Global Crossroad works with safe, reputable, and highly reviewed organizations across the world to ensure that your students have the most outstanding alternative spring break volunteering overseas opportunity. Check out all of the amazing alternative spring break volunteering abroad opportunities that Global Crossroad has available today, and start planning your students adventure overseas.

If you are a group of three or more, you even have the option to customize your students’ entire trip. Contact a Global Crossroad representative today!

Proposed Itinerary for an Alternative Spring Break Volunteer Trip

Phase 1: Orientation (few hours)

This is where your students will be introduced to various important aspects of the culture, traditions, religions, and societal components of the country that they are visiting. Your students will be briefed on their chosen alternative spring break volunteering overseas opportunity during this time. All of your students’ questions will be answered, so that they are ready and prepared to begin their humanitarian work.

Phase 2: Volunteer Program (5-6 days)

This is the core of your students’ adventure. They will choose to dedicate their time to a program that involves things like teaching, orphanage work, animal conservation, nature conservation, and construction. Most groups are no bigger than four to five volunteers. Everything will be set up for your students, including their accommodations and transportation.

Phase 3: Closing

Your students will complete an evaluation of their alternative spring break trip experience. This will be a time when they will say their farewells and head back to their home country.

Possible Alternative Spring Break Trip Options

Building and Construction Projects

Most rural communities do not have the funds or resources to build and restore important community structures, like schools and orphanages. If your students are handy person, there is a building project in great need of your students’ services!

Teaching Projects

English teachers are in a constant high demand in rural schools around the world. If your students are interested in dedicating their alternative spring break volunteering overseas opportunity to brightening the futures of impoverished children, one of these projects could be for your students!

Orphanage Projects

Sadly, there are children all over the world that have been left as orphans for all different tragic reasons. By joining an orphanage project, your students will be doing an incredible service for these deserving children. They will be the light and love they so desperately need and desire.

Turtle Conservation Projects

How would your students like to spend their alternative spring break trip on a beautiful beach in a place like Costa Rica or Mexico? Your students’ help would be greatly appreciated in the conservation and restoration of vulnerable sea turtle populations.

Nature Conservation Projects

There are nature conservation projects that will give your students the opportunity to explore places like South Africa, Nepal, or Ecuador, while helping to ensure these places are protected. The animals and environments of various parts of the world are struggling because of human influence. Help reverse the devastation!

Customized Projects

If you are a group of three or more, Global Crossroad offers you the option to put together a customized alternative spring break volunteering overseas opportunity. Global Crossroad will help you plan a trip that meets your group’s specific interests, needs, and goals.

Some Features of Global Crossroad’s Alternative Spring Break Volunteer Trip Programs

Customize Your Group Itinerary

Regardless of your students’ interests, we can craft a personalized itinerary to ensure that your students’ needs are met.

Group Accommodations

All students will be kept together in a group living situations, such as a hostel or nearby host families. This will ensure that they can share their experience, remain connected, and feel safe.

Orientation and Cultural Immersion

Unlike individual volunteer programs, we invite local expert to give an orientation about the local country, history, life, and safety measures to your students. Depending upon the needs of the group, we also organize local cultural immersion programs, like observing local dances, visiting local villages, cooking classes, and language studies.


Over the weekend or during times of no volunteer commitment, small trips will be organized to expose your students to different parts of the country in which they are visiting.

Designated Group Leaders

Safety and the experience of the students or volunteers are very important to us. So depending up on the number of volunteers, either someone from the US office will serve as a team leader or if group is small, our local country coordinator or staff will serve as a team leader. Our leader will stay with group 24/7 to make sure the program is going well and the students are safe at all times.

Group Discount

Global Crossroad offers the world’s most affordable programs! However, we are still willing to offer discounts to groups.

Our experience with groups

Since 2003, Global Crossroad has been working to create alternative spring break volunteering trips for high school and university students. There are programs that range from teaching English to working with tea turtles. Our group trips during spring break as always successful! Global Crossroad is committed to ensuring your safety and satisfaction at all times. There will always be a group leader present to ensure this!

Please feel free to contact us via email or phone, if you are planning a group program for your students.