Our Story on Tsunami Reconstruction Project in Sri Lanka

Global Crossroad along with its volunteers made a difference in Sri Lanka.

Together, we donated nearly US$200,000 (Two hundred thousands dollar) and
built 26 houses for poor fishermen and their families who lost their homes and loved ones.
Completed Houses in Sri Lanka
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Volunteers' Experience in Sri Lanka
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December 26, 2004: That was the most destructive natural disaster that shook the world and shattered the human life. Like the spiraling tidal waves, the news of the devastation flooded into every corners of the world. While one part of the world cried for their loved and lost ones, the other part of the world were heart broken to witness the news and the loss of lives. Their hearts ached with the urge to reach them, reach them instantly and Global Crossroad made it possible for hundreds of volunteers to reach the needy people in Sri Lanka and help them wear a positive outlook in their lives.


Chronology on Tsunami and Global Crossroad Tsunami Reconstruction Project

  • December 26, 2004: the whole world went to a state of shock when the news of tsunami broke out. The world had never witnessed any disaster of this magnitude and the devastation and loss of life was heart breaking and unbelievable.
  • December 26, 2004: Within 4-5 hours, Global Crossroad office in Baton Rouge , Louisiana was flooded with a series of telephone calls from people from different walks of life asking, and inquiring if there was a way out to help and support the tsunami surviving victims. They were the kind hearted people willing to share their passion and love with the people who were suffering in one part of the world. Many of them requested Global Crossroad to do something so that they could go to the affected areas and help in the rescue efforts. This very kindness of people inspired us to start Tsunami Reconstruction Project in Sri Lanka .
  • December 26, 2004: The same night, we called our coordinators in Sri Lanka , Thailand , and India to assess the field situations and find areas where volunteers' helps are urgently needed. Within 12 hours, we set up "Tsunami Relief Project" in Galle , Sri Lanka . The main goal of this project was to clean local schools, hospitals, orphanages and support local relief efforts by putting up tents, distributing food and water.
  • January 3, 2005: The first group of 21 Global Crossroad volunteers arrived in Sri Lanka on January 3, 2005 and they were taken aback by the magnitude of devastation and its shocking aftermath. In Galle , they saw many mothers walking around the sea beaches with the hope to find their loved ones. The grief was apparent every where and all the eyes were full of tears and grieving.
  • February 3, 2005: Within one month, Global Crossroad sent 157 volunteers to aid tsunami relief efforts. W e DID NOT TAKE ANY PROGRAM FEE FROM THE FIRST 157 VOLUNTEERS . We contributed nearly US$30,000 to arrange and coordinate the field programs in the first phase of the project.
  • March 3, 2005: After one month of Tsunami Relief Project, we realized that we needed more substantial efforts to reach the local people. We proposed to build schools and orphanages in Sri Lanka but our proposal was denied.
  • March 15, 2005: We did not give up hope. With the help of local Buddhist monks and local NGOs, we started "Tsunami Reconstruction Project" in Galle , Sri Lanka . The main goal of by this project was to build homes for the poor fishermen families who lost their homes and loved ones in tsunami. The second goal of the project was to offer opportunities to the volunteers to share their love, passion, and time with the needy and helpless people.
  • March 15, 2005: Tsunami Reconstruction Project started on March 15, 2005. Within one year, more than 600 volunteers joined tsunami reconstruction project making 48,000 hours of volunteering contribution to tsunami survivors. So far, we have completed 26 houses offering permanent shelter to 26 poor families of fishermen who survived tsunami.
  • March 15, 2006: In total, we have contributed USD 200,000 to purchase lands and construct houses. Most of our donations come from the program fees and the volunteers. We contribute nearly 40% of participants' fee to this humanitarian project. Global Crossroad would like to thank each and every volunteer who joined, supported and contributed in this great cause for mankind. We are highly grateful to our volunteers who shared their invaluable time, love, and compassion with the people who survived one of the greatest tragedies on earth.