The program fee will cover expenses beginning of the first day of the program (Usually first or third Monday) to the last day of the program. If you arrive before the first day of the program and/or stay beyond the last day of the program, expenses will be the responsibility of the volunteer (usually $30 per day for room/food in hostel).

What Your Program Fee DOES Cover - Uganda

Global Crossroad is proud to be able to provide all the various services offered by our competitors, but at a fraction of their prices (up to 70% less). Taking much satisfaction in our volunteers enjoying the comprehensive services which we presently provide, we remain devoted to maintaining both the quality and integrity of our volunteers' abroad experience through our constantly-evolving programs. Below is a brief summary of the services offered by Global Crossroad:

  • Meals: Our program fee covers meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) from the first day of the program (either first or third Monday or a previously-designated start date) to the last day of the program. These fresh and nutritious meals consist of the local cuisine. * No meals provided in Galapagos Island. The estimated budget is $60 to $75 per week.
  • Accommodations: Depending upon the particular location and placement, volunteers will either stay with a host family, within a rented house, hostel, or cabin. We offer simple but clean, comfortable living spaces where volunteers reside in either a single or shared (with fellow volunteers) room (depending upon the host situation). Volunteers are recommended to bring their own sleeping bags and other accessories necessary to their personal comfort.
  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage: Global Crossroad offers comprehensive insurance coverage covering travel and health insurance, medical evaluation, travel accidental insurance, travel assistance, luggage recovery, and third party liability coverage. Our insurance provider is an industry-leader; providing some of the most effective insurance currently available to world-travelers.
  • Thoroughly Researched and Personalized Projects: Global Crossroad offers some of the most unique and amazing projects which focus on matching the interests, skills, and experience of volunteers in accordance with their volunteer work. Our local In-Country Coordinators research some of the most interesting and unique local organizations; handpicking the perfect program for each volunteer. Volunteers receive detailed information for their projects - including details about living arrangements, meals, locations. all BEFORE their arrival in-country.
  • Airport Reception/Pick-Up: Upon receipt of flight information, our In-Country Coordinators and/or local representatives meet volunteers when they arrive in Ecuador.
  • In-Country Transportation: Global Crossroad manages one-way transportation from the airport to volunteers' respective accommodations/projects. Volunteers are responsible for daily transportation to and from their projects. We do not cover daily transportation from living accommodations to volunteers' projects.
  • Support of In-Country Coordinator: From the very beginning to the last day of the project, Global Crossroad's In-Country Coordinator(s)/project staff members assist volunteers by supporting them - addressing various concerns and occasionally checking up on volunteers and monitoring their progress.
  • Pre-Departure Information: Global Crossroad's comprehensive and in-depth pre-departure booklet offers detailed information on issues facing volunteers, such as health, safety, and culture shock - facilitating an ease into their new surroundings.
  • Other Services: Global Crossroad's staff members - in the US and abroad - are always willing to support volunteers by answering all questions while simultaneously providing the best advice on fundraising and other issues such as health, culture, excursions, travel, safety, and special events.
  • Emergency Support: Global Crossroad provides volunteers with a variety of contact information -including a 24/7 emergency line (usually mobile phones of local coordinators and US staff members) so that volunteers AND their family members can contact a member of our staff in the event of an emergency or crisis.
  • $100 Discount: All Global Crossroad Alumni are eligible for a $100 discount if return-enrolling in one of Global Crossroad's volunteer abroad programs.
  • Certificate of Appreciation/Completion: Upon completion of your respective service project, all participants receive a certificate illustrating their contributed time.
  • Fundraising Ideas: A number of Global Crossroad volunteers successfully raise funds for their volunteer abroad trip. We at Global Crossroad would be more than happy to provide you with ideas and documentation for fundraising (upon request).

What Your Program Fee DOES NOT Cover:

  • Airfare: Both domestic and international a irfare is the responsibility of the volunteers.
  • Passport/Visa: Appropriate travel documents, such as passports and visas, are the responsibility of volunteers. While Global Crossroad provides information regarding obtaining the correct documents required, it is the responsibility of volunteers to acquire all pertinent documentation.
  • Airport Return/Drop-Off: Upon the completion of their respective project, it is the responsibility of the volunteer to secure transport back to the airport for their return-flight home. If needed, Global Crossroad's In-Country Coordinator or local representative can provide assistance in making the appropriate travel arrangements.
  • Airport Tax: Fees and taxes associated with international arrival and/or departure is the responsibility of the volunteer.
  • Daily Transportation: In the event that volunteers' projects are not within walking distance from their living accommodations, they are required to cover costs associated with daily transportation (to and from the project).
  • Bottled Water/Soft Drinks: Beverages accompany volunteers' meals. In the event volunteers wish to consume bottled water or soft drinks other than those provided with their daily meals, they are responsible for purchasing their own beverages.
  • Personal Expenses: Volunteers are responsible for any incurred expenses outside of their projects. Purchasing curious such as souvenirs or snacks (outside of their daily meals) is the responsibility of the volunteer.
  • Entry Fees: While there are numerous attractions located within close proximity to volunteers' accommodations and projects as well as with the country, entry fees/admission to establishments such as museums and national parks is the responsibility of volunteers.