Volunteer in China for a rich experience abroad on a budget

volunteers in ChinaDo you feel a personal calling to venture off to China for a volunteer and adventure journey of a lifetime? Are you searching for a volunteer abroad program in China that is affordable, organized, and credible? 

China is an enormous country that is bursting with captivating cultures, landscapes, and cityscapes

The people of China are as diverse and wonderful as the culture and landscape. A volunteer trip to China is a chance of a lifetime.

It is an opportunity to explore this foreign and ancient land while also making a significant and positive impact on the lives of the Chinese.

One of the most popular ways to volunteer abroad in China is by volunteering to teach English. It is also an amazing way to become immersed in the Chinese culture and way of life. The blend of volunteering and traveling goes together like peanut butter and jelly.

Global Crossroad has some of the more reputable and affordable volunteer abroad opportunities in China for compassionate and passionate individuals.

Contact us today to learn more about Global Crossroad’s volunteer abroad projects in China, or if you already know the program that you want to join, enroll right now and start your adventure.

Jessica Mills

It was all worth it. I treasured the intimate moments travelling and experiencing together

Jessica Mills


Roberta Quis

I was not ready to leave when my two months were up. It was an unforgettable experience.

Roberta Quis

- Australia

Kenneth Janes

This was an amazing trip. I was immersed in new experiences, cultures, languages and people.

Kenneth Janes

- Canada

Lindsay Scott

This experience was both exceptional and valuable. Project was extremely enlightening.

Lindsay Scott

- Germany

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What volunteer in China programs are available to me?

Global Crossroad offers multiple different volunteer abroad programs in China, however, the most popular one is their volunteer teaching English in China program.

Volunteer Teaching English in China Summary

volunteers in China teachingThere is a high demand for volunteer English teachers in China.

The ability to communicate in English is a skill set that can make or break an individual’s opportunity to obtain a decent and higher paying job in the future.

Students from rural or impoverished areas in China often do not have the opportunity to learn English because the teachers and resources are not available to them.

You can help give these deserving children an equal chance at rising out of poverty through education and the ability to communicate proficiently in English.

Skills and Qualifications Needed

There are no specific qualifications required for those interested in volunteer teaching English in China. However, you should be a native English speaker or have a strong grasp of and fluency in the English language. You will be teaching reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills to Chinese students.

Volunteer Responsibilities

In China, it is mainly the private schools that have the resources and teachers to implement English language classes into the curriculum. Students from rural and impoverished communities often attend public schools that are very resource poor.

There is a great demand for volunteer English teachers in China in these marginalized public schools. Your job will be to help these deserving students learn to speak, read, and write in English.

Volunteer Program Fees & Dates

You might think it would be expensive to volunteer abroad teaching English in China since it is so far away, but it’s not! Global Crossroad has continued to provide some of the least expensive weekly program fees to potential and returning volunteers. While the price might be low, the experience and support are exceptionally high.

Global Crossroad strives to help enthusiastic and compassionate individuals from around the world fulfil their dreams of traveling and volunteering overseas. There is a one-time registration fee of $299. Weekly program fees start as low as $275 for a two-week volunteer in China program.

Your weekly program fee covers the cost of your accommodations, meals, in-country support, and a donation to your chosen project. You are responsible for the costs of your flights, visas, personal expenses, and travel insurance.

Duration Volunteer/English Teaching Program China
  1 Week   $350
  2 Weeks   $450
  3 Weeks   $550
  4 Weeks   $650
  5 Weeks   $750
  6 Weeks   $850
  7 Weeks   $950
  8 Weeks   $1,050
  9 Weeks   $1,150
  10 Weeks   $1,250
  11 Weeks   $1,350
  12 Weeks   $1,450

Mandatory comprehensive travel insurance $3.49 a day »

Paid Teaching English in China Program Summary

paid teaching english in chinaIf you are a native-English speaker and want to spend some time living in and exploring China, a paid teaching English in China program is a really great opportunity.

As a paid English teacher in China, you will receive a monthly compensation of up to $800.

You will teach English to students that vary in age but are all nonetheless eager to learn.

Your salary will depend on the amount of time that you commit to working as a paid English teacher in China and your personal qualifications. There is a minimum of a six-month commitment though.

Skills and Qualifications Needed

In order to be qualified for this amazing paid teaching English in China opportunity, you must have either a bachelor’s degree (in any subject), at least one-year experience as an educator, and or a TEFL/TESOL accredited certification.

You must also be a native-English speaker. It goes without saying that you should be enthusiastic about working with a diverse population of students who want to learn English.

Salary and Benefits

The more qualified you are (education background, TEFL/TESOL certification, and experience), the higher your salary will be. As a paid English teacher in China your accommodations and meals are taken care of and there is no monthly program fee required on your part.

You will also have free access to the health care clinic at the school that you work at. You will have assistance with obtaining a visa and 24/7 support, as needed.

Cost of Joining a Paid English Teaching Program in China While there are no monthly or weekly program fees, there is a one-time application and placement fee.

The cost is $649, which covers your basic health insurance, airport pick-up and drop-off, project coordination, in-country staff support, and the basic expenses to run Global Crossroad’s office and program and placement support.

Arrangement of Room, Food, and Supervision

When you volunteer to teach English in China you will either stay at a volunteer home base, a hostel, or with a host family. Regardless of which accommodation type you end up at, you can rest assure that it will be in a safe area and that it will be clean and comfortable.

You will most likely be staying in Xi’an. You will also likely share a room with another same-sex volunteer.

You will be provided with three locally inspired and healthy meals a day. Breakfast typically consists of steamed dumpling and fried or steamed rice with some sort of meat or vegetable in it.

Lunch and dinner are usually rice and noodles with meat and vegetables. There will be a supermarket close by in case you don’t like the prepared meal. You can find Western comforts like peanut butter, yogurt, bread, and cheese there. You definitely won’t go hungry!

When you are volunteering to teach English in China, you will always be able to get in touch with your in-country coordinator. Your host family and staff at the school will also be able to help you should you need it or have any concerns. You will never be truly alone while abroad in China.

During your volunteer teaching English project in China, your in-country coordinator will also check in with you to ensure that everything is going well and that you are happy.