Volunteer in Uganda for an Affordable and Amazing Adventure

volunteers in uganda Have you always dreamed of setting foot on the great continent of Africa? Do you also have a soft spot in your heart and want to participate in a meaningful and life changing volunteer project?

Uganda is an extraordinary country that is world-famous for its population of silverback gorillas. It is also home to the Sesse Islands in Lake Victoria. The landscape and wildlife in Uganda is dramatic and captivating.

The people are also sensational. While Uganda is an enticing travel destination, many of the local people are struggling, mainly due to crushing poverty. As a volunteer abroad in Uganda, you can help improve the lives of countless individuals.

Global Crossroad offers several budget-friendly and impactful volunteer opportunities in Uganda. There are programs that focus on caring for orphaned children, bringing basic healthcare to those who don’t have access to it, and teaching English, among many others projects.

Joining any of these volunteer opportunities in Uganda will be highly rewarding and life changing for both you and those whom you help.

Contact us today to find out more or enroll in the volunteer project in Uganda that captures your interest.

Jessica Mills

It was all worth it. I treasured the intimate moments travelling and experiencing together

Jessica Mills


Roberta Quis

I was not ready to leave when my two months were up. It was an unforgettable experience.

Roberta Quis

- Australia

Kenneth Janes

This was an amazing trip. I was immersed in new experiences, cultures, languages and people.

Kenneth Janes

- Canada

Lindsay Scott

This experience was both exceptional and valuable. Project was extremely enlightening.

Lindsay Scott

- Germany

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What volunteer in Uganda programs are available to me?

Global Crossroad has plenty of exceptional and life changing volunteer abroad programs in Uganda for all different interests and budgets.

Volunteer in an Orphanage in Uganda Summary

volunteers in uganda orphanageSadly, due to poverty and the HIV/AIDS epidemic, among so many other tragic occurrences, thousands of children find themselves as orphans every year.

Fortunately, there are orphanages in Uganda, but many of them are under staffed and under-funded.

There is a great demand for orphanage volunteers in Uganda. You have the power to bring a positive light and presence into the lives of these unfortunate children.

Skills and Qualifications Needed There are no specific skills and qualifications needed in order to volunteer with the orphanage project in Uganda. You should however love children and be a kind, compassionate, positive, flexible, and energetic individual.

Volunteer Responsibilities When you volunteer abroad in an orphanage in Uganda, you will act as a caregiver, friend, teacher, and role model to a diverse population of children from all different pasts.

You will help with the daily care of the children, as well as help to teach English and assist them with their school work. You will also organize fun and enriching games and activities. There are so many meaningful ways in which you can contribute to this volunteer program in Uganda.

Volunteer in Healthcare in Uganda Summary

volunteers in uganda medicalMany Ugandans who live in rural communities outside of the cities are lacking access to healthcare services. The local clinics and hospitals are greatly under staffed, under-funded, and don’t have sufficient medical supplies.

The healthcare volunteer program in Uganda is in desperate need of compassionate volunteers who can help provide the care and attention these individuals from impoverished communities need.

By joining the medical volunteer project in Uganda, you will be helping to save and improve lives every day that you are there volunteering; that is a reward like none other.

Skills and Qualifications Needed There are no specific skills and qualifications needed in order to participate in the medical volunteer in Uganda program. Whether you are a medical professional, medical student, or non-medical individual who just wants to help others in need, there is a vital role for you.

Volunteer Responsibilities Your roles and responsibilities will vary depending on your background and experience. You will likely be involved directly with caring for patients, acquiring information, and assisting local doctors, nurses, and administration.

There are endless meaningful ways to contribute to this volunteer medical project in Uganda.

Volunteer in Uganda Program Fee and Dates

Since 2003, Global Crossroad has offered some of the most budget-friendly volunteering opportunities in Uganda. The goal is to make volunteering in Uganda accessible to nearly anyone who wants to participate in a volunteer program here.

Uganda needs all the help that they can get, and Global Crossroad is making it easy for volunteers to do just that.

All volunteers must pay a one-time registration fee of $299 and a weekly program fee. Weekly program fees start at just $100. Your program fee includes your accommodations, meals, access to your chosen volunteer program in Uganda, and your in-country support.

You are responsible for covering the cost of your flights, visa, vaccinations, travel insurance, airport transportation, and any personal expenses. There are so many amazing tours and safaris to embark on in Uganda when you are not volunteering, so you will want to account for that in your budget.

    Duration Orphanage/Teaching/Medical/HIV
  1 week   $150
  2 Weeks   $250
  3 Weeks   $350
  4 Weeks   $450
  5 Weeks   $550
  6 Weeks   $650
  7 Weeks   $750
  8 Weeks   $850
  9 Weeks   $950
  10 Weeks   $1,050
  11 Weeks   $1,150
  12 Weeks   $1,250

Arrangement of Room, Food, and Supervision

While volunteering abroad in Uganda, you will most likely stay with a host family. This is an incredible experience and opportunity to become fully immersed in the local culture and way of life.

Your host family will have hosted international volunteers in the past and has been hand-selected by Global Crossroad. You will reside in a safe neighborhood and be provided clean and basic amenities.

Your weekly program fee covers the cost of your meals. You will enjoy three healthy and traditional meals a day with your host family. This is a unique way to truly get a taste of Uganda. Staples in the local diet include rice, maize, chicken, meat, and a plantain and banana mash.

The flavors are influenced from Indian, Arab, and English traditions.

During your stay in Uganda, you will have day and night support from a designated in-country coordinator. You will be able to get in touch with your coordinator 24/7 should you have any issues or concerns.

He or she will personally visit you every two weeks or so to make sure that you are having the absolute best volunteer experience in Uganda.