HIV Volunteering India -FAQs:

Arrival and Departure

Indira Gandi International Airport is the designated point of arrival whe you come to work in our HIV AIDS volunteer program in India. We advise you to come to India one day before the start date of our volunteer programs.

Global Crossroad will arrange airport pick up for you. But in case of flight delays and cancelation, it is your responsibility to inform us as quickly as possible. We do not offer any kind of airport drop off service to our volunteers once the project is completed.


Obtaining a tourist visa for our HIV AIDS volunteer project in India is a must. Immigration officials at the airport will demand to see your visa before allowing you entry into India for volunteering activities. You can apply for a visa at the embassy of India in your home country.

Check out. if you want to learn in detail about Indian visa requirements and policies.


Vaccinations for Typhoid, Tetanus, Oral polio, Varicella, Adult diphtheria, Hepatitis B, Meningococcal, Yellow fever (YF), Hepatitis A, Japanese encephalitis, and Rabies are required before you take a volunteer trip to India.

You can learn more about these vaccinations on CDC website.

Why HIV Volunteering India?

With over 2 million people in India infected with HIV/AIDS and a growing population largely uneducated on how the disease is spread, your help is badly needed to raise awareness and offer compassion to those already infected. You will gain hands-on work experience in a developing country while volunteering in India in HIV/AIDS project.

You will develop knowledge and sensitivity of other cultures:

Partaking on a volunteer project abroad is a wonderful opportunity to develop knowledge and sensitivity of other cultures. You can be a student, medical person or a senior citizen. When you join the volunteer abroad project during your short break, you will be taught about the gestures, body language and conversational and conservational customs that may vary between your home country and the country in which you volunteer. These lessons you learn during your volunteering trip India with HIV project are charming, humbling and that leads you to behave in your daily life accordingly. This is indeed a unique opportunity to get acquainted with new cultures and traditions.

You will gain sense of achievement:

There are few greater feelings than doing something that you are truly passionate about while making a significant difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate. Even a few weeks of your time can be exceptionally precious to the community in need. The reward and sense of achievement that you will experience knowing that you have helped improve the condition of individuals who were previously suffering is truly heart fulfilling.

You will gain mental peace and happiness:

GCR’s HIV/AIDS volunteer program in India provides an exceptional opportunity to bring a positive change in the lives of people infected with HIV. This is a great way for attaining good mental and physical health and increasing your social and relationship skills. Volunteering makes you happy, overcome depression, and provides you with a sense of purpose.

You will help change the lives of poor Indian people infected with HIV

When you participate in this project get the chance to work with the people suffered from HIV virus. You will help provide effort to live a secure and harmonious life to the victims. By providing much-needed care and support, you can be the change of these deprived people. 

Other Volunteer Opportunities Available In India

No matter your passion or interests, GCR offers a variety of life-changing, volunteer programs in India such as
work in an Orphanage,
become a medical volunteer
teach English,
teaching in slum,
Women’s project and much more

For more information on our exciting programs in India, contact us today.

Volunteering for HIV/AIDS in Other Countries

Other than this HIV/AIDS volunteering program in India, GCR also offers great volunteer opportunities with HIV/AIDS in many countries cross the world.

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