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Volunteering abroad for adults

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Do you dream about what life would be like if you started volunteering abroad for adults? Can you see yourself embracing volunteer opportunities abroad for adults by helping with panda conservation in China, supporting HIV/AIDS programs in India, or volunteering at an orphanage in Nepal? Even traveling just as a tourist is life-changing.

But when you embark on volunteer work abroad for adults you’re not just the average visitor in another country: you’re there as a volunteer. And that changes everything. Because volunteering abroad for adults means that you’re helping local people. This gives you instant access to fascinating locals who you would otherwise never have the chance to meet-or be inspired by.

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The benefits of volunteering abroad for adults

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There are countless benefits to volunteering abroad for adults. First, you will broaden your horizons in so many ways. That’s why Global Crossroad is so committed to bringing you the best volunteer programs around. Traveling to new countries has a way of changing your perspective on life.

Meeting people who have been raised in different cultures will teach you things you never imagined. Think of this way: you’re a medical volunteer in Ghana. During the course of your volunteer abroad for adults, you befriend local community members as well as local professionals in your field.

You make steadfast connections with industry experts in another part of the globe. Not only does this fill your spirit, but it also makes you very valuable to your own professional network back home. You’ll be able to pass along insider insight regarding medical infrastructure in Africa. More than that, your colleagues will regard you as brave and hardworking for your efforts when they find out you’ve done volunteer work abroad for adults.

Volunteer abroad for adults also has a direct impact on how local people see you. You’re not just another tourist to them; you’re now a vital part of their community, someone who’s come there to help. This is why diving into programs that focus on volunteering abroad for adults will leave you a better person.

Suddenly, you’ll be seen as someone who is both altruistic and a true leader. After all, it takes a lot of courage to live in another country for a period of time. Of course, volunteer programs abroad for adults are also great for your professional career.

Your resume will skyrocket in value once you’re able to list your experience volunteering abroad for adults. Let Global Crossroads do the work for you by sourcing the most cost-effective and exciting volunteer programs abroad for adults.

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Jessica Mills

It was all worth it. I treasured the intimate moments travelling and experiencing together

Jessica Mills


Roberta Quis

I was not ready to leave when my two months were up. It was an unforgettable experience.

Roberta Quis

- Australia

Kenneth Janes

This was an amazing trip. I was immersed in new experiences, cultures, languages and people.

Kenneth Janes

- Canada

Lindsay Scott

This experience was both exceptional and valuable. Project was extremely enlightening.

Lindsay Scott

- Germany

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Top Budget Volunteering Abroad For Adults Opportunities


Discover our list of Global crossroad’s most affordable volunteering abroad for adults
Programs - and get started on your volunteer career today!

Panda Conservation in China

Calling all animal-lovers! What could be better than working on panda conservation in China? Not much! This incredible volunteer abroad for adults program gives animal enthusiasts a chance to walk the walk. Did you know that pandas are one of the world’s most endangered species? With this program, volunteers will be helping the pandas with a hands-on approach: from cleaning cages to administering medical exams and fundraising, you’ll have a range of tasks to sink your teeth into.

Support an HIV/AIDS Program in India

Of all the volunteer programs abroad for adults this one is certainly impactful. There’s still a major stigma attached to having AIDS/HIV, and India desperately needs more volunteers to support this important cause. As a volunteer, you’ll assist in educational outreach about these diseases in Jaipur and India’s capital city, Delhi. Furthermore, you’ll be involved in counseling patients and families, training activities, and blood testing.

Orphanage Volunteering in Nepal

Nepalese people are some of the kindest folks on earth. One of many amazing volunteer opportunities abroad for adults, this program is best suited to people who enjoy working with children. While volunteering at an orphanage in Nepal, you’ll be asked to perform a variety of duties. These include supporting and caring for the children, offering creative workshops, and helping with daily tasks like school work and tidying up. You don’t need any special skills for this position, but you do need to have an open and loving heart.

Elephant Conservation in Sri Lanka

This would be a dream opportunity for people who are passionate about elephants. Based in Sri Lanka, this elephant conservation project is a grassroots community organization. You’ll get to work with the elephants in person. Volunteers are responsible for helping to bathe the elephants, groom them, and give medical support if necessary. If you want to help protect these gentle giants, don’t hesitate to delve into volunteer work abroad for adults with this inspiring program.

Turtle Conservation Project in Costa Rica

You might know turtles as adorable sea creatures, but they’re also deeply in need of your help. In beautiful Costa Rica, the Lora Turtle-native to this country-has become a victim of poaching. Also, their habitat and nesting grounds are quickly disappearing. With this volunteer abroad for adults program you’ll be asked to participate in beach patrols (to protect the turtle’s nesting grounds), beach cleanup, and turtle nest relocation.

Medical Volunteer in Ghana

As a medical volunteer in Ghana, you’ll experience the challenges and rewards of living in Africa. There are many underserved communities in this intriguing country. Many women and children are in need of better healthcare, as well as basic necessities such as food and clothing. One of many great volunteer programs abroad for adults this one’s geared toward those with professional experience in the field of medicine. While you don’t need to know the local language, you must understand basic health care practices.

HIV/AIDS Volunteer Project in Kenya

Of the many volunteer opportunities abroad for adults going to Kenya and supporting this difficult cause is very worthwhile. Unfortunately, many babies are still dying today in Kenya from HIV/AIDS. This particular project is seeking volunteers who will come to train with local experts in the field. From there, you’ll embark on community outreach to education the local population about HIV/AIDS.

Teach English in Uganda

As far as volunteer work abroad for adults goes, teaching English in Uganda is a great way to dip your toes into the wide world of volunteering abroad. Teaching English provides a services that’s very much needed in Uganda: work opportunities for locals increase dramatically when they become able to speak English. You’ll work with students by simply conversing with them, facilitating arts workshops, and other English-language focused projects. You don’t need any particular certification to apply for this great program-all you need is an open mind and willingness to adapt to (and embrace) Ugandan culture.

There’s no doubt that when you pick an opportunity from Global Crossroad’s extensive selection of volunteer programs abroad for adults, you’ll be doing your career a big favor. But you’ll also come away a changed human being: the experiences you gain from your time volunteering abroad for adults will leave a mark on your character, forever. Whether you want to improve your professional resume, or explore giving back to the world, there’s no better time to start a volunteer program from Global Crossroads. From helping animals to offering medical care to working with children, Global Crossroads has a volunteer program that’s perfect for you.

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