India TEFL program now comprises of 100 hours of online TEFL training in your home country and 2 to 4 weeks (or 40 hours) of teaching practice in India.

TEFL program in India

India TEFL program comprises of 100 hours of professional TEFL training in your home country (or any part of the world with internet facility) and 40 hours teaching practice in Delhi, India. This TEFL course is the first of its kind which allows the participants to learn in a virtual classroom environment that is being monitored by a certified instructor. After successfully completing the course, the participants are awarded TEFL professional certificate. This certification enables the participants to teach in India as well as worldwide.

The online TEFL Certification Training consisting of 100 hours of online coursework. The materials offered include: classroom lesson-planning along with practice sessions in a professional, virtual classroom community. Participants in the TEFL Professional Course are enrolled in a virtual, online classroom through

How does the course work?

Participants start the course by first enrolling in online TEFL professional course. The duration of the course is 60 days. The participants can complete the course in the stipulated time working at their own pace. However, if for any reason, they need to extend the timeframe they can do so for up to a year for a nominal fee. Assigned course instructors are available during online office hours and can be contacted over the telephone to answer any questions. Most participants comfortably complete the course within the stipulate timeframe.

Once the participants finish their online courses, the remaining part is completed in Kenya. Even though only 40 hours of teaching practice is required, the participants are encouraged to teach more, up to 4 weeks in Kenya. This does not incur any additional fee.


Online Professional TEFL fee: $1350
  • Mar 2 - May 1
  • Mar 23 - May 22
  • Apr 13 - Jun 12
  • May 4 - Jul 3
  • May 25 - Jul 24
  • Jun 15 - Aug 14
  • Jul 6 - Sep 4
  • Jul 27 - Sep 25
  • Aug 17 - Oct 12
  • Sep 7 - Nov 6
  • Sep 28 - Nov 27
  • Oct 19 - Dec 18
Extra Fees for room/food in Nepal
  • Host family or Hostel with room/food $500 a month
  • Hotel (no food) $15- $150 each day
  • Airport receive/drop $100

Living Accommodations/Meals

Global Crossroad offers accommodations in either local host families or regional hostels - depending on space availability, time of year and/or field conditions. Accommodations are usually shared (with other participants) and three (3) local meals are arranged each day.

TEFL program

Guaranteed Paid Teaching in China

Whether enrolled in our online TEFL course or one of our numerous abroad courses (in 12 destinations worldwide), Global Crossroad can guarantee paid, English-teaching positions in China for native English-speakers. Over the last five (5) years, Global Crossroad has sent hundreds of native English-speakers to China (since 2003, sending nearly 1000 teachers to China). As an English-teacher in China, you not only receive free living accommodations, meals, and competitive monthly salaries, but also a number of benefits. For more information on these abroad English-teaching programs, please visit:

REWARD for TEFL Participants

$300 REWARD for TEFL Participants in Volunteer Programs in India

Currently there are opportuities for non-paying volunteer teaching English positions in India. Global Crossroad presently offers one of most successful volunteer and internship abroad programs in India--sending nearly 200 volunteers to India each year. Global Crossroad offers unbeatable discounts of $300 for successful TEFL graduates interested in enrolling in the numerous volunteer/internship positions in India.