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Are you interested in volunteering, but need to find a program that really suits you best? Global Crossroad has a variety to choose from. Have look at what we offer, and find the perfect volunteer opportunity for you.

India is a country of stark contrasts. Unfortunately, this applies to the division of classes and wealth, where the disparity between the rich and the poor can be extreme. India’s poverty stricken families are often unable to raise their kids in the kind of safe and healthy environment that they would like. Too often, the children are abandoned, and are forced to live in orphanages. India’s orphanages endeavor to feed, educate and shelter these children, but due to a chronic shortage of resources, they invariably fall short. Hence Global Crossroad’s orphanage volunteer project aims to provide assistance in the quest to meet this great need.

While working in this volunteer orphanage project in India, you will help the children with their day-to-day activities. You will play a part in building their confidence, and helping them to develop life skills. In addition, you will be involved in teaching English, as well as other subjects. You will be helping the kids with their daily needs, such as the task of getting ready for school.

Besides, you will help to teach them the importance of personal hygiene and keeping their rooms clean. At times you may be asked to help prepare daily meals, at other times you will help us to improve the center facilities and building. Our tasks are endless, and we ask that you come here with an open mind and a willingness to help. There are no specific qualifications needed to take part in orphanage volunteer work in India. 

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English is spoken and understood all over India, yet the majority of its population is unable to read or write. Due to extreme poverty and poor distribution of resources, these children simply don’t have access to quality education. The schools in which they study are either underfunded or under resourced. Therefore, through our English teaching volunteer program, we connect with local schools to offset this need as best we can.

 As part of our teaching English volunteer program in India, you will be working in schools in rural areas. Your role here is to teach English and share this gift with children who need it. You will also organize creative and extracurricular activities, leading the children in various educational tours and field trips.

At times, you may be asked to help the students with homework or hold debates and discussions to improve their confidence and conversational skills. If necessary, you will help raise funds for educational programs. No teaching experience is required, though native English speakers are preferred. Your timely help and support will help these children to develop skills for a better life.

Do you want to help make a better future for Indian children? Go to the program page for the complete information.

Are you looking to share your skills and time with disadvantaged children in India? Do you dream of touring India to experience their rich and diverse culture while teaching children? Then this teaching in slum volunteer project is tailor-made just for you.

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While taking part in medical volunteering program in India, you shadow doctors and nurses in local hospitals or clinics. This is a great opportunity for you to learn about the current healthcare system in India. Your role is to prevent, harmful addictions, eating disorders, along with promoting health maintenance within families and communities.

As a volunteer, you will participate in training; helping with physical therapy and rehabilitation. Beyond that you will distribute medicines, and give basic first aid treatment when necessary. You should possess healthcare certification, or midwifery or physician’s credentials for health care volunteering.

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India has the third largest HIV/AIDS epidemic in the world. Sadly, at the same time, India’s people have very limited information and understanding about HIV/AIDS, and its perils. This is especially true for the people that live in rural areas. Due to lack of education, and adequate health facilities, there is a great deal of ignorance about its causes and transmission. Global Crossroads HIV /AIDS volunteer program aims to join the fight to stop the spread of this virus in India.

In joining volunteering in HIV/AIDS program in India, you will be providing care to patients infected with this disease. Further, you will be engaging the community in educational and training activities.

Your role requires counseling of infected patients, educating locals, and helping in clinics or hospitals. Similarly you will involve yourself in outreach programs, provide friendship to patients, promoting human rights, and discouraging discrimination wherever possible. There are no specific skills needed to join HIV/AIDS treatment project.

Do you want to give hope to the HIV Victims in India? See the program page for more details.

For decades, gender discrimination has been one of the biggest social problems in India. Poverty and superstitious beliefs have always victimized women and young girls at the societal and village level. This scenario can only be changed by empowering these women and making them self-reliant. Global Crossroad’s volunteer women group opportunities program helps these women to develop the necessary skills to live a more empowered life.

While joining women empowerment India volunteering project, you will support the local women in various ways, depending on your skills and experience. Your role here is to provide support and assistance to disadvantaged women. Simultaneously, you will provide educational and practical skill guidance, assistance in micro-finance development, and/or provide necessary training in social skills.

There are no specific qualifications needed to be a part of women group project in India. Your invaluable contribution will build self-esteem; giving them the skills to lead a productive life in a male dominate society.

Do you want to empower the impoverished women in India? See the program page for more details.

From the vast Indian plain where the sacred river Ganges crisscrosses the land to the mighty Himalayas that form the country's northern border, India is a country of splendid scenery and great geographical diversity. Alongside this staggering topographical range also like India's cultural diversity - a mix of numerous religions and ancient traditions flowing into one melting pot.

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Do you want to embark on a journey abroad where you will also have the opportunity to make a grand difference in the lives of those who are struggling? Global Crossroad’s Mini Volunteer and Travel Escape in India is a meaningful way to explore the diverse cultural and natural beauty of India, while giving back to a community of people in need

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India's natural beauty is unmistakable, but there are still many more factors that separate this country from all others. In reference to biodiversity, India is the second largest country in the world and contains an almost unmatched amount of wildlife, cultures, and geography. India is made of numerous low-lying, fertile, coastal regions with islands - all amongst slightly ascending coastal plain and a dry region filled with Rajasthan.

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In addition to the above projects, we also offer family Volunteering, alternative spring break, high school volunteering, college/university volunteering and many other programs. Contact Global Crossroad for further information.