Mr. Rajan Bajracharya

Volunteer Mr. Raj

A dynamic leader with more than 5 years of volunteer abroad experience, Mr. Raj runs wonderful India program. He coordinates Global Crossroad program in Jaipur and Ladakh too. A great teacher, he runs one week language and cultural immersion training for volunteers. Over the years, he has become a leader of Global Crossroad Asia program. He is one of the Global Crossroad's highly motivated, successful and friendly staff members having exceptional skills in volunteer management.


Masters Degree in English Literature and Philosophy from Tribhuvan University . He also has a Diploma in Computer Programming, and has received training on Community Management, Social Communication and Community-Awareness and Program Management.



Mr. Raj has a keen interest to work for the children in need. He always encourages volunteers to help these children and spend more time with them to make a difference in their lives. He loves reading books, traveling, and having lots of fun.

Volunteer Mr. V.R Bandhu

Mr. V.R Bandhu

Born in Haryana India , Mr. V.R Bandhu received his BS degree in Pharmacy from University of Mumbai , and Masters Degree in Psychology from Vinayaka Missions University , Tamilnadu. However, his inner inspiration to do something for his community has motivated him to join Global Crossroad. Mr. Bandhu is a young leader with a pleasing, warm and outgoing personality. He has been working with international volunteers for the last 6 years. He is eager and enthusiastic to welcome volunteers to India and show them the beauty of his wonderful country.