Women Empowerment Volunteer India: FAQs

Arrival and Departure

You will fly into Indira Gandi International Airport in order to work in support women’s group volunteer program in India. You are recommended to arrive in India one day before the start date of your volunteer project.

Our local representative will be waiting for you at the airport. In case you miss your flight or the flight gets cancelled, do inform us immediately. However, GCR do not offer any airport departure services after the completion of our volunteer programs.


In order to get entry into India and work on support women’s group volunteer projects in India, you will need to get a tourist visa. You can get it by visiting the official embassy of India in your home country. Make sure to bring your original passport and photos for that.

You can learn more about India’s visa and immigration policies here:


Vaccination for diseases like Tetanus, Japanese encephalitis, Yellow fever (YF), Adult diphtheria, Varicella, Typhoid, Rabies, Oral polio, Hepatitis B, Meningococcal, and Hepatitis A are needed to visit India.

Be sure to consult with your local doctor before taking these vaccinations. Also, you can learn more about these vaccinations by visiting CDC website.

Is there any other important information you want to share about this project?

Please come to India with a flexible and open mind. The Women Empowerment Project in India does not have any fixed work or schedule. This project involves other several programs like education, job training, and health, so you are expected to be very flexible. You may also need to develop a program yourself (like English teaching) to women. If you are flexible, proactive and creative, than this is the best option.

Why volunteer in women empowerment project?

You will help improve the life of unfortunate Indian Women:

Most of the women in India are regarded as second-class citizen and they are not given the same opportunities as their male counterparts. Most of these women are illiterate and lack saleable skills to earn money. When you volunteer in this project, you will educate them about their rights and teach them various skills like sewing, knitting etc. The education you give them helps to make them independent.

You will explore a new country and its culture:

By volunteering abroad is an opportunity to experience new traditions and culture. As a regular tourist, you can just manage to scratch the surface, but as a residential volunteer, you will work with local staff and locals in need. Therefore, you will gain a much deeper knowledge of local language, customs and culture.

You will teach you to be social and kind-hearted people

Helping the Indian women in need helps you leave negative thoughts and become a better person in your upcoming days. By joining one of GCR’s women empowerment volunteer project in India, you get to develop teamwork and interactive skills that help you build a better foundation for your social and professional life.

You will donate your time and skill for a greater cause:

Taking part in this project will allow you to fully dedicate your time and effort into improving the lives of miserable Indian women. You will not only be able to save these children from daily hardships and struggles but also give them a secure space to grow up and develop a good personality.

Other Volunteer Opportunities Available In India

No matter your passion or interests, GCR offers a variety of life-changing, volunteer programs in India such as

work in an Orphanage,
work in HIV project,
teach English,
teaching in slum,
become a medical volunteer and much more

For more information on our exciting programs in India, contact us today.

Women Empowerment Volunteer Programs in Other Countries

Other than this women empowerment program in India, GCR also offers great volunteer opportunities with women and children in many countries cross the world.

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