Volunteer Teaching In India: FAQs

Arrival and Departure

You have to fly into Indira Gandi International Airportfor GCR’s teaching English volunteer teaching in Indian slums. Before boarding your flight to India, do inform the local country coordinator about your arrival and departure time so that airport pickup can be arranged on time.

It is very important to notify the local airport representative about flight delays and missed flights as soon as possible. Also, you are highly advised to come to India one day before the start date of your volunteer project. But we don’t offer airport transfer facilities once the project is completed.


A tourist visa is needed to work in our Teach English volunteer project in India. You can visit the official embassy or consulate of India in your home country and fill up a visa application form few weeks before your trip to India.

But if you are a citizen of Australia, Canada, or the USA then you can also apply for on arrival tourist visa at the Indira Gandi International Airport. Citizens of these countries can get a 60-day tourist visa upon arrival at the airport.

You can apply for visa extension if you plan on working in our India teaching in slums volunteer programs after 60 days of your stay in India. Just pay a visit to the office of Immigration Department and fill up a visa extension form.

You can learn more about India’s visa requirements and policies here


Vaccinations for Varicella, Tetanus, Typhoid, Oral polio, Japanese encephalitis, Adult diphtheria, Yellow fever (YF), Rabies, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Meningococcal are necessary for a volunteer trip to India.

You can check out this website learn more about these vaccinations.

How old are the pupils?

Classes are mixed and you will be working with the age group that you will feel most comfortable teaching. Pupils rage in age from 5-16 years old.

How many pupils are there in one class? How many are there in a school?

This depends on the specific placement. You will have classes ranging from between 15-30 students. In a school there can be between 40 and 150 students.

What will I be teaching?

You will mainly assist local teachers to teach English. However, you can also teach on your own other subjects you are good at. You can teach mathematics, geography and much more.

Could you please provide teaching ideas and tips for my volunteer trip abroad in India in teaching project?

Don’t be scared to come out of your comfort zone even if you are teaching or travelling to India 1st time. Just be calm and embrace the Indian cultures. As the students are not so good at English, please speak slowly to make them understand. 

Why volunteer to teach English in slums in India projects?

You will get to provide quality English education

Majority of Indian students especially in the slums face a lot of hardships learning quality English language due to lack of quality teachers. You can change that by participating in our teaching in slums in India volunteer project. You’ll be able to provide easy access to learn English to young deserving students.

You will get the opportunity to educate deprived Indian children:

By participating in our program and teach English to poor students living in the slums you will help them learn in a caring environment and greatly improve their understanding of English language. The knowledge shared and efforts made will help them become confident enough to make a future out of it.

You will get experience of teaching internationally

Participating in volunteer teaching English in Indian slums benefits you a lot. By teaching English in India, you will undoubtedly gain international exposure in the field of your expertise. This will help you stand out amongst your peers and get ahead in your career as well.

You will gain sense of achievement

There are few greater feelings than doing something that you are truly passionate about. Even a few weeks of your time can be exceptionally precious to the underprivileged Indian children. Volunteering to teach English to disadvantaged Indian children will help them get better jobs in the future. The reward and sense of achievement that you will experience is truly fulfilling.

Other Volunteer Opportunities Available In India

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Teach English,
become a medical volunteer
Women’s project and much more. 

For more information on our exciting programs in India, contact us today.

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