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Internship in Togo

This program is currently not available

Global Crossroad’s Internship in Togo program offers wonderful opportunities for international students to pursue internship projects such areas as orphanage work, sustainable agriculture and conservation, teaching English, and health care. Global Crossroad offers internships in Togo in collaboration with local partners, schools, colleges, and health centers. Areas of internship Togo include (but are not limited to):

Women's Studies
Developmental Studies

In the Togo internship program, the intern engages in daily project activities. In some cases, interns develop a proposal in a particular area of his or her interest in collaboration with local supervisors and Global Crossroad project staff. Generally, the director of this project serves as a supervisor for the intern. Interns stay either with host families or in a hostel near the internship project.

Global Crossroad strongly recommends the one week language and culture program to prevent language difficulties from hindering the effectiveness of your internship. These programs will provide a necessary, comprehensive understanding of the every day issues of Togo. Furthermore, it is possible to organize extra tutorials with experts in particular areas for additional fees. Please call or e-mail us to discuss any special needs for your internship.

Projects: Health, education, environment, culture, and many more
Start dates: 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month
Work Dates: Year round (2-12 wks)
Arrival and Departure: International Airport, Lomé
Language Requirement: None
Room and Board: Host family and local food three times a day
Activities: Vary with projects, please see details above
Work Hours: 25-35 hours per week
Special Requirements: Health Internship requires ID (medical student or health professional)

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