FAQ - Teach and Make Money in China

Do I need any qualifications or training to join the volunteer or paid English Teaching Program in China?

No special qualifications are needed, though some teaching experience in ANY field is preferred Must be a native English speaker A minimum 3 months plus commitment is required

How will I get to headquarters from the airport?

Please send your flight information to Global Crossroad in advance. One of our staff members OR SCHOOL STAFF FROM YOUR CHINA PLACEMENT will be waiting for you at the airport terminal and will be holding a sign with your name on it. In the event of a problem meeting our representative OR THE SCHOOL STAFF, please go directly to our contact hotel. Hotel information will be provided in your pre-departure package.

Will I have time to explore China during my volunteer program?

You will have ample opportunities to explore wonderful China, its culture, nature, history, and religions. Our in-country coordinator help TO make your stay rewarding. THIS TRIP CAN HAPPEN EITHER AT THE BEGINING OF YOUR ARRIVAL OR UPON SUCCESSFULL COMPLETION OF YOUR CHINA PROGRAM.

How much extra money should I bring?

Carrying extra money depends on your personal spending habits and what you would like to see in your free time. Global Crossroad will manage your food and accommodations from the first to the last day of your program. However, you may need some extra money if you want to participate in additional activities, or if you want to buy some souvenirs. SO, AN AMOUNT OF USD300 UPWARD WILL BE SUFFICIENT DEPENDING ON YOUR PERSONAL DEMANDS

Can I come with a friend? Can I be placed near other volunteers?

We allow volunteers to come with a friend, as a couple, as a family, or even in a large group. Placements in China will be within one to two miles of each other. Also, we WILL STRIVE TO place any volunteer near to another volunteer WHO HAS already BEEN working in the field.

What vaccinations will I need for my trip to China?

This depends on what vaccinations you already have and what country you are coming from. We suggest that you consult a travel doctor from your country before you arrive. (NOTE: Check early because some vaccinations may require as much as two months before arrival to China).

What is the best time to travel to China?

Given the vastness of China, its seasons and climates vary depending on when and where you visit. The months of April and October are usually good times to visit. China is uniformly warmed, humid, and rainy in the summer. In contrast, winter weather can vary considerably from city to city. Beijing, for example is very cold in the winter, with afternoon highs averaging only 34 degrees F. The best times to visit Beijing are in the early fall and late spring, especially May and September, with April and October almost as pleasant. Humidity, however, can be high from June to September.

What should I do in case of an emergency in China?

If you failed to meet our representative at the airport, if your flight changed suddenly, or if you experience some other emergency while you are working at your placement, please contact our national coordinator or other staff member. The telephone numbers will be given before you leave for China. Please do not forget to carry the address of the contact hotel.

Is there an orientation program?

Your orientation will include your project site, the local climate and customs, and safety and health issues. The orientations will be given before the start of program.

Will the program include insurance and liability coverage?

Global Crossroad does not have insurance or liability coverage for our Paid Teaching China Program. However, you may purchase it for $1.25 per day. Please contact us for more details. Our volunteer program does include insurance coverage.


International travel presents risks for travelers, especially with the threat of international terrorism. The U.S. State Department has issued travel warnings and advisories in many countries for U.S. travelers. These travel advisories and warnings change frequently as situations in each country change. We suggest that all volunteers consult their own governments before participating in a Global Crossroad program. These links provide travel information:

British Foreign Office Advice

American State Department Advice


Australian Government Advice


Global Crossroad is not responsible for any damage resulting from your negligence in failing to take appropriate travel advice offered by your home country.