Teach English at an Urban School

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Overview of the Project

With globalization, the English skills are increasingly vital to Panama’s employment and economy. Panamanians with a high level of English are presented with higher salaries and more employment opportunities, especially in the tourism and hospitality sectors. Public schools lack qualified teachers, leading to poor English instruction in pronunciation and grammar. Global Crossroad volunteers help teach and improve the English speaking abilities as well as train local teachers proper and creative teaching methods to continue teaching better English classes in the futures.

  • Program: Volunteer in Panama
  • Project: Teaching English at an Urban School
  • Start Dates: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Mondays of each month
  • Language Needed: Strong Spanish Skills
  • Accommodation and meals: Home base, residential stay or host family and typical meals from Panama 3 times a day
  • Working Hours: 30 hours a week
  • Activities: Teach English in schools and promote effective English lessons.
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Role of Volunteer

Volunteers will work at a local elementary school in the small town of Cambutal, located in the province of Los Santos in the Azuero Peninsula. They will support teachers with their set English curriculum and help them plan interactive and development-enhancing lessons for students from levels 1-6. Young students learn very quickly and will noticeably benefit from the proficient English-speaking volunteer creating effective and creative learning environments. Volunteers will promote grammatically correct and conversational English skills.

Skills/Qualification Needed

There are no specific skills or qualifications needed to join Global Crossroad’s teaching projects in Panama. Beginner to advanced Spanish is encouraged, but not mandatory. If you have poor English skills, we suggest enrolling in our Spanish language course to make your stay more beneficial for both you and the people you help.  Volunteers must be flexible, open minded, caring and have a passion for children and teaching. All volunteers must respect local culture and customs and will need to dress conservatively: no shorts, sleeveless shirts, or short skirts.  While volunteering, tattoos must be covered and piercings other than earrings must be removed. Volunteers must dress conservatively and are not allowed to drink alcohol or smoke during the project.

Volunteer in Panama: Project Locations and Free Time Options

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During the program, volunteers will have plenty of free time in the evenings and on weekends. While Global Crossroad does not specifically arrange activities during volunteer free time, our local staff can provide free advice, travel tips and assistance in making suitable travel arrangements in Panama. Volunteers will have the chance to immerse themselves in a new culture and explore Panama. This experience will be educational and a time for personal growth.

Panama has endless exploration opportunities and has a biodiversity that includes over 1,000 species of birds and 10,000 species of plants. Cambutal is located roughly 30 minutes from Tonosi. Cambutal is famous for beaches, snorkeling, kayaking and surfing but with lot less crowd. In Tonosi, there are internet, small grocery stores, and restaurants. The temperature is constant year-round: 80° to 90° F. During the rainy season, June through mid-December, there are regular rains in the afternoon, but usually they last no more than an hour. Volunteers coming in the rainy season should be prepared to buy an umbrella. Panama City, the capital of the Panama, is about 100 miles from Cambutal.