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Prestigious English Opens Doors Program
Chilean Ministry of Education and the United Nations Program for Development (PNUD) selects Global Crossroad for the English Opens Doors Program

8 month program: March 22- Nov 28, 2008
6 month program: May 31 - Nov 28, 2008
4 month program: July 26 - Nov 28, 2008

Chile is a country of startling contrasts and extreme beauty, with attractions ranging from the towering volcanic peaks of the Andes to the ancient forests of the Lake District - all offering an astounding variety of ideal parks and numerous opportunities for an adventure-filled experience. Chile finds some of it notable fame in amazing locations such as the Torres del Paine (the Towers of Paine) - gigantic granite monoliths shaped by the forces of glacial ice - considered by many to offer some of the most amazing, naturally-occurring phenomenon in all of South America.

Global Crossroad was recently selected by the Chilean Ministry of Education in conjunction with the United Nations Development Program-Chile (UNDP-Chile) to find and hire qualified, enthusiastic individuals

to volunteer and assist in teaching English as a foreign language for Bernardo O'Higgins Region and Maule Region. These assignments are within local public schools. Volunteer in Chile program provides a wonderful opportunity for the selected volunteers to participate in a cultural exchange with the charming and delightful people of Chile, who are eager to learn English.

Application Deadline: January 30, 2007

Free Online Spanish Training for Chile Volunteers

Are you interested in teaching English in Chile in 2008? Are you concerned that your not-so-fluent level of Spanish will disqualify you from this exciting program? Well, worry no more!

Beginning January, 2008, Global Crossroad, in collaboration with the Chilean Ministry of Education's innovative "English Opens Doors" program, will begin offering FREE online Spanish lessons to all enrollees wishing to teach English in Chile. Now, participants can learn Spanish online before embarking on an extraordinary opportunity to travel and teach within the startling country of Chile .
Through this partnership, Global Crossroad places English-teachers throughout the beautiful Bernardo O'Higgins and Maule Regions of Chile - filled with gorgeous landscapes, fascinating cultures, welcoming people and eager-to-learn students.

Sign up now, and Global Crossroad will discount your program fee, costing you only $899 - which covers insurance, 2-week orientation, salary and various benefits.

The Job's Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the selected volunteers are to motivate their prospective students to learn English in a fun, engaging, and group-oriented atmosphere. Volunteers will also be responsible for organizing and coordinating extracurricular activities outside of the classroom in an effort to stimulate additional learning and interest in the English language.

More about the Job's Responsibilities

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be native English-speakers or use English in everyday language
  • Dedication to the full term of commitment (9 months or 7 months for summer)
  • Hold an undergraduate's degree
  • Be aged between 21 and 50 years
  • Be mentally and physically capable of teaching children
  • Be highly committed, responsible and flexible
  • A genuine interest in assisting English teaching
  • Comprehensive health insurance for pre-existing condition


8 month program: March 22- Nov 28, 2008 - Only 30 positions are available for March 22 start date
6 month program: May 31 - Nov 28, 2008 - Only 20 positions are available for May 31 start date
4 month program: July 26 - Nov 28, 2008

Application deadline is Jan 30, 2007. Participants are requested to apply AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to reserve their placements as this is extremely popular program

Proposed Time Table

Program Fee (with 4 months of insurance) : $829
Program Fee (with 6 months of insurance) : $849
Program Fee (with 8 months of insurance) : $899

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